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Military Buttons from WWI and WWII are used exclusively in my U.S. Army bracelets, which I consider to be my signature Line. You would think they would be more than plentiful in jars of old buttons. Not so. My theory is that most uniforms (generally woolen) from these wars are either stored in trunks & attics with their buttons intact, or their condition landed them a one way trip to the rubbish heap, buttons included. Keeping moths at bay for 60 to 90 years would be no small challenge. When I do find army buttons, they're usually the smaller shirt buttons. I stack them on top of larger "army green" buttons (when I can find them) and add one brass coat button (with the U.S. Army Eagle) to each bracelet. I also have a small collection of brass U.S. Marine buttons from both wars. One of these can be substituted for the brass Army button, upon request.

I also make U.S. Navy brass buttons into bracelets, alternating these shank-style buttons with old black buttons. This is the style which I gave to Senator McCain, using WWI buttons, for his wife, Cindy.


U.S. Army Bracelets

U.S. Army Bracelets with WWI & WWII Buttons

Close-up View

A Close-up View
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