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Bakelite was invented in 1907 by Belgian chemist Leo Baekeland, and was the first entirely synthetic, man-made substance. It was harder and more durable than its celluloid ancestor, and could be made in the most luscious colors imaginable. Bakelite truly started the "plastics revolution", but was mostly discontinued after WWII, when newer, less expensive plastics took over the market. Bakelite buttons frequently have beautiful Deco patterns, and raised design details. I combine them with other buttons in many of my colored bracelet lines, as well as my Black Art Deco bracelets, and of course use them exclusively in my Bakelite Line. Many unusual shaped Bakelite buttons were made in the l930's, and I am able to find these rare styles occasionally, such as butterflies, hearts, stars, ducks, and bunnies. My "Glamour Girl Line" includes many of these eye-catching shapes.


Bakelite Line

Bakelite Line (Circa 1930's)

Glamour Girl Line

Glamour Girl Line: Fun Colors and Rare Bakelite Shapes
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